I love Themis Enzo’s Favole line, so I did a dance of gloomcookie joy when I unpacked these new items, which Ms. Enzo created for the All Hallow’s Eve Couture show on the 15th and 16th of October. There are spiky velvety wings, a sexy romper with a goth overskirt and floaty sleeves, a creepy/pretty updo-coming-undone and queen bitch platform boots (packed with Favole’s tridimensional resize menu). Lo’s Sibilla makeup is just one of a perfect handful of decadent new makeups and headpieces from La Malvada Mujer. They are only available at TwoMoons Island’s Hallowe’en Bizarre.

When I decided to wrap up my photo shoot by taking a closeup of the fascinator, I discovered that there are three animated spiders crawling among the roses and skulls. They were there the whole time and I hadn’t noticed. I reacted as I would have in RL, mentally dashing the hair to the ground and shrieking “ew ew get it off me get it off me ew.” /me shudders again, but only in my mind

These boots make you look like you have minions.

If you’re a blogger but your site isn’t in my roll, I want it to be, especially if you’re one of my Flickr contacts. I’m so disorganized that I would forget my best friend’s blog, so don’t feel left out, just feel accidentally overlooked. Leave your URL in the comments section or send me an IM. And please add Pleisure to your roll if you get a chance.

Credits to creators (special thanks to Themis Enzo!)
NEW Favole items:
Lucretia outfit
Nuit hair
Wrath wings
Crypt boots
Dark Mouse, Victorian Beads w sparkle Black/Purple
Illusory, Skin Paige Bite Me (Collabor88)
La Malvada Mujer, Sibilla #3
{TH}, Free Bitch tat
Sn@tch, Nail Candy Pewter
poses: Glitterati, Beauty 3 at 4.44.444
location: China (thanks to Journey Lorakeet for helping me find it again)
These pics were GIMPed to ultra-Gothness.


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