Freshly spoiled

Visit FTLO’s Boo for 2 event, where 100L buys you this spooky ball jointed doll av by The Sugar Garden. Or, take the TP from the giant bat and hunt for the free boi version. (He looks like a girl if you put him in a dress and long hair. So what if you’re damning him to gender panic.) The outfit is one of Lethe’s items for the NSA3 hunt. The skirt is actually a fishtail style, but I left off the prims to give my male readers an eyeful of ball-jointed doll leg. There are three women’s boxes hidden at Lethe. The others contain a pair of beautifully crafted mary janes and a stylish small purse.

If you deck your digital self out as a doll, play around with your Windlight settings to see just how magically the light plays across this face. It’s much more receptive than an angular human head. This avatar inspired me to try a demo for the upcoming release of a doll av by COCODOLL. But that elegant little minx is made of mesh, and she jumped every time I tried to put clothes on her. Then Firestorm started turning random white things fuchsia and I decided to call it a day. Both mesh viewers crash on me. So I literally won’t get to play with the next generation of dolls. Perhaps someone will fashion me a prim avatar in the form of a firetruck.

Credits to creators
avatar: TSG, Spoiled Vampire Princess BJD Avatar (Boo for 2 exclusive)
outfit: Lethe, Gathering (NSA3 item)
gloves: Sonatta Morles, *8* Pythonmania Gloves (MFW gift)
bag: Sonatta Morles, *8* Pythonmania Bag (MFW gift)
shoes: HouseofFox, Arch SpineBoots Black (old hunt gift)
hair: Burley, Liu Black pack
poses: dfo! and amato

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