It’s really very postmodern

What do you call the combo of a sweatshirt and a sequin skirt? Not “glitterbutt” style, as I discovered when I googled glitter and butt. Glittertuchus might have been a good alternative, but I suspect it wouldn’t appeal to the youth market. And a visit to the Urban Dictionary convinced me that it’s probably already gay slang for something that is not fashion-related. (Take a moment to think that through. I’ll wait.) Ultimately, these looks were inspired by Buffy’s and Willow’s outfits in season seven, when they paired jeans with blouses that I personally would wear only on a first date with Daniel Craig. The jeans undercut the fanciness of the blouse, and the blouse elevated the jeans, with the result that the outfit could pass for ordinary day wear. It’s really very postmodern, now that I think of it.

Today my models are wearing newish hair from booN. I’d tell you that booN hair is 50% off when it is first introduced, but if the discount period for these styles is over, you will just hate me for not telling you sooner. I’m also featuring items from the current edition of GSP. This cool piercing is Jam, by Acide, and it’s available in several colours.

Also available at GSP is Zahira, a modifiable sweet petite shape from annaA. The awesome Rozoregalia earrings are  a Hunting9 item. They are refreshingly non-symmetrical, and they come with three variations that you can mix and match. Best of all, they are goth-friendly silver with black stones.

On the one hand, I hate dogs. They want too much from their people, they have terrible breath. And my mother loves my brother’s dog more than she loves me. On the other hand, I like Xanadu Capelo. (I bet she has very nice breath.) But when she debuted her Neato Pullovers for Madeleine, and I saw the dogs, I balked. That’s balked, not barked. Never one to shrink from a completely virtual challenge that in no way affects my real life, I went back to the store and chose the sweatshirt with the most dog. It’s one of the best designs I’ve ever seen on an SL shirt and a truly sweet doggie face. I just wish my mother wouldn’t prefer this face to mine.

Credits later…RL calls and it may have treats

hair: booN, MLN447 black (NEW)
shape: annaA, Zahira (copy and mod; GSP; ty Anna Ashbourne!)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Trudy III 5a
pullover: Madeleine, Neato Pullover le chien momo
skirt: The Sea Hole, part of Cassia Glitter Mini Dress Pewter (former Collabor88 gg)
earrings: Rozoregalia, Gemma Earrings (Hunting9)
piercing: ni.ju, Chain Chomp Piercing (was at 4.44.444)
ribbon: Miel, Uberbow
shoes: TBC, Rocking Horse Shoe Black
socks: This is a Fawn, Knit Knee Socks lilac uncommon (gacha: store is closing soon)

hair: booN, BDK113 chestnut (NEW)
sweater: Emery, Sweater Vico (recent TDRB)
skirt: Meghindo’s, Beyonce Dangerously in Love (old gg)
shoes: N-Core, Coquette TFG Glitter Edition Deep Purple (TFG)
leggings: Jane, lil piggies in eggplant and mahogany (NEW awesome subo gift with tons of scrummy colours)
piercing: Acide, Jam Rouge (GSP; ty Acide Innovia!)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Trudy III 4b
shape: Salt and Pepper, Abie
purse: amato, (gift in the mmm HW2011 hunt)

poses: amato, pumpkin 7 (I think) (gift in the mmm HW2011 hunt)
cig: Pickle, Cigarette (part of smoking pose pack)


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