The girl who waited

It’s the village setting, the gorgeous red hair and the pale moon face that remind me of Amy Pond. She would never wear a poet blouse and unlaced dungarees, however. Not in her native timeline, at least. So think of this look as Amy mixed with Dr. Who’s earlier companions. Jo Grant, with her shaggy hairdo and fingers laden with rings, was hella groovy, except when she screamed, which she did a lot. And Leela, the buckskin-clad “savage” of the Sevateem tribe, never got to cover up with that long scarf because we all had to pretend that she wasn’t half naked and whole sexy. I will never forget how satisfying it was to see Jo leave the Dr. for a right-on scientist who planned to feed the world. I’d probably ditch Jon Pertwee’s doc for a pair of LpD’s new Lady Boots. These lovelies come in black, beige, grey, green, cerise and wine. To leave Matt Smith’s Dr., I’d definitely need the fatpack.

Moloko’s sublimely sexy pants, with prim laces for each thigh and for the hindquarters, are available in multiple colours and a couple of patterns. But that’s not going to convince you to get “tasteless,” is it? You could always wear a pair of Calvins underneath or distract people by hauling out your crossbow at the first sign of a suggestion of a possibility of a potential threat. (Hmm, am I thinking of Leela or have I been living in the States too long?)

This wild hairstyle is the latest of LeLutka’s awesomeballswithmeatsauce ‘dos. For me, some LeLutka styles are complete and mystifying misses, but when one hits, it goes off like fireworks that rain down dark chocolate (with a healthy and delicious 72% of cocoa). Sassy’s elegant Poet Shirt, which comes with an impeccably sculpted standup collar and is available in multiple gorgeous colours, is not brand new, and yet it’s still hot. (Hey, this is my 600th post, you can’t expect me to still be cheese-free.)

Credits to creators
LpD, Lady Boots Coconut (NEW; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
moloko, Echo Pants Black (NEW)
Sassy!, Poet Shirt Ivory (NEWish; ty Ivy Burner!)
LeLutka, Marie from the Light Reds pack (NEW)
Dutch Touch, Mensje Rose Basic CL3 EBLight FR with a Fiep lipstick also by Dutch Touch
Actchio, Birds in the Skull of a Rose tat
Tres Beau, Ribbon Pearl Choker
PDA, from The Real Janelle pack
location: outside Tea Time store at Amia
Gimped: yeppum
600 posts, yay me!


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