Today Portia is wearing a beautiful Day of the Dead skin from Essences, which has just opened its new store. There’s also a red makeup with roses, and each skin comes with a tattoo option so your avatar can wear the makeup with whatever kinky skin you’ve already chosen for Halloween. Essences is hosting a group hunt, with three prizes for the ladies and three for the non-ladies. Today Portia is also sporting the mucky shadows of an inexpert GIMPer who never should have decided to replace the shadows Mother SL gave her. I found that I couldn’t get the effect I wanted, and so I resorted to “painterly” strokes, slashes of a small brush into the area that wouldn’t work photographically smooth. It’s not a satisfying workaround, and it looks atrocious at full size without a lot of blurring and alcohol. Following the precedent set by frottage, which is the artistic technique of rubbing—not a way of pleasuring oneself or others—I am calling my technique frustrage. Frustrage is the vehicle of aesthetic pleisure postponed. It’s a sure sign that one would be better off wa*king.

Credits to creators
Essences, Halloween Skin Muerta 02 (300L; NEW; thank you Inka Danovski!)
lamb, Mess My Little Pony
artilleri, Nyna Bikini Pink
N-Core, Ultraplatform Bordeaux
RaMa Rowanberry, Dead Friend
Glitterati pose is retired

Please bear with me as I try to get the image size right for the new layout.


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