Plum assignment

Yes, she’s a giant Grape Lola wrapped in fake fur. What of it? Vintage McMillan sold me one of epoque’s fab Pantone Satchels by making the search for her Seasons Hunt bag too hard. Kudos. But also, I’ve wanted every last one of these sleek leather envelopes from the moment they debuted. The colours are scrummy. And I just can’t stop imagining all the junk that won’t fit into them. /me looks inside for the paper I have to give at next week’s conference. /me has some writing to do

Love this hairdo hard. As the cool girls say.

Credits to creators
The Sea Hole, Corseted Tweed Jacket Plum (NEW; at Collabor88)
The Sea Hole, Hunted Skirt Twilight
Ohmai, Faux White Pygmy Vest (Seasons Hunt gift)
LpD, Lady Boots Ash (NEW; ty Nevery!)
epoque, Pantone Satchel Wine
Mons, Circus Skin Series TDR Special (former TDR skin)
Essences, Eyelashes Perla (in-store group hunt gift; ty Inka!)
Raw House, Raquella LtBrown 02 (NEW; Seasons Hunt gift)
DECO, Swank Glasses Grape (former subo gift)
HopScotch, from the Pose Me I pack


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