That’s a lot of stripes

Don’t overlook the stylish Rozelle blouse from Whippet & Buck, which arrived  a little late at Collabor88. The bodice appears to be made of some 1960s couture fabric with an exotic name like gazar. And the stripey part extends to just above the pubic bone, so you can wear it with leggings. The final Seasons Hunt is upon us, and it only lasts two weeks, as does the current ZombiePopcornHunt, so you can’t let fall hunt exhaustion slow you down. Your first stop should be Shag for this hairdo. I am crushing on creator Sebastien Aries because he makes my av look hot. I think that might be the height of narcissism.

I almost got DECO’s mesh Seasons Hunt gift into this post, but the boots would not rise above the sidewalk, and they can’t be adjusted because they are rigged mesh! All that wrestling with Firestorm, including two crashes, for nothing! Ahahahahaha! If you want to laugh maniacally like I just did, go to Willow and search for the pumpkin containing these Creek Moccasins. And do it on a Mac so that the 100 pumpkins disappear when you approach them at the wrong angle. Ahahahahaha!

You can lose what’s left of your mind by searching for the pumpkin containing Dimbula Rose’s Munchkin Girl outfit. If this look is too girly for you, you could pair the blouse with some paper-bag-waist trousers, but that would cover up the coordinating stockings. As usual, funnier or artier versions of today’s pics await you on the Pleisure Flickr. That’s right. You can have more. Ahahahahaha!

Look one
Seasons Hunt items:
Shag, Faling Slowly bangs autumn
Willow, Creek Moccasins
TokiD, Bee Bag
Magic Nook, Indian Summer Leggings
Other items
W&B, Rozelle Shirt Childers (current Collabor88)
Priss, Iob Skirt in Red/&Blue (recent TFG)
PF, Elly Milk Goldilux LtBrow
tb, C88 Shadow Autumn Colors (past Collabor88 item)
Miel, Jane Socks Mono Dark pack
Mons, Bracalets World R Brown (old gg)
poses: marukin

Look two
Dimbula Rose, Munchkin Girl (mmm HW Hunt 2011 item)
fd, Bird Skin Gold Leaf (current Collabor88)
Insufferable Dastard, Thank you gift (gift in store)
pose: Olive Juice, Thrilling Pose Pack (Seasons Hunt)

location: embryo


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