Graves mistakes

This outfit by Graves should make SLife easier. After all, it’s not only a zip-and-go latex catsuit requiring no skirt or jacket to match; it’s also machine washable. But this seemingly simple cyber/sex suit has kicked my a*s up and down the grid. It doesn’t matter how I style it,  I can’t get pix that do it justice. The hair is always wrong. Ditto the pose, and the lighting, and the location. I do like this shot, which I took surrounded by murals of louche lil girls at Ugly Duck. But there’s an 80% chance that it’s Portia’s booty, and not the outfit’s beauty, that satisfies me most.

I do get nervous when I am shooting complete outfits, especially if they are expensive. (In this case, I couldn’t pass up the epoque boots that work perfectly with the suit, so I really splurged.) Instead of solving the problem of what to wear with what, an impressive ensemble makes me feel as though there’s nothing for me to contribute to what’s already on offer. Or I feel that I can’t live up to the creator’s vision. I admit that I took the easy way out when I shot Portia through the blue-white lights of an off-world transporter. But then again, I also laboured longtime redrawing pose-distorted thighs and the tricky area where they meet. (One minute I am eliminating camel-toe, and the next I am wondering if Portia looks like she’s got balls. She does doesn’t she? Not what I was going for, in case you’re wondering.) A moderately challenging task with this photo was deciding whether or not to surgically correct the visible genitalia that were hovering over Portia’s right thigh. I used prevailing standards of modesty to justify painting out the troublesome ting. I should have drawn another one over the left thigh and connected the two with a USB cable. /me imagines sparks flying

Credits to creators
Graves, G329 Paradox 03 White (also comes in black…maybe woulda done better with the black)
epoque, Mesa Platforms Silver
Glam Affair, Gio Light Orchid BL (NEW; Modavia readers group gift)
Action Hair, Taylor Bleached (Sept. Action Hair Junkys group gift; fee to join)
PDA and marukin poses
location: Ugly Duck

Variant look
Graves, G329 Paradox 03 White
Leezu, Margo Jacket Snow
Plastik, Deia Platinum Goddess
Hysteria, Les Fleurs du Mal tat
fd, Morgan Baby Grayscale 1 (white)
Manifeste, from Model Poses pack
location: Insilico


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