Hey you, get offa my blog!

On a typical day, Pleisure receives 30 visits. (I tell myself the site is an acquired taste. /me gags in sympathy with you) Earlier this week, I was suprised to discover that I’d had 160 visitors in one glorious day, and I fantasized that I would break my standing record of 182. And then another purple mesh cow flew over, right?! Wrong! Next day, my mind boggled at the number 339. Most of these visitors were referred from WordPress, so I checked to see if Pleisure had been featured in Freshly Pressed. Nope. Hmm. I chalked it up to Dr. Who fans led down the garden search engine. (Poor dears.) But then on Wednesday, Pleisure had 1,024 hits, and 950 yesterday. Seeing these numbers, I have felt mystified, elated and, of course, annoyed. (It wouldn’t be my life if it wasn’t freaking me out.) “Cut that out!” I found myself yelling at my page-view numbers. By which I meant: “You can’t just pile in and looky-loo at my blog whenever you want! (Unless you really love me.) Perverts!”

If you want pictures to gawk at, you should visit the Gallery Gift Shop inworld, where you can buy inexpensive original SLartworks as well as clothing and home decor. There’s a GGS Flickr stream to whet your appetite. And here’s a tip from me: gallery doyenne Shortcake Sugarplum pops in now and again to scrape the bubblegum off the easels, and you definitely want to catch her in the act. There are photos of Ms. Sugarplum on Flickr, but the pics only hint at her inworld beauty and glamour. I try to not stare at her when she greets me. And then I try to not gobble her up.

I have never been a Baiastice customer, but the draped-satin Gina outfit, which comes with a fedora and socks, had me TPing in a heartbeat. There are plenty of other rich colours to choose from, if royal blue is too pedestrian for you. You should also go gaga for these feathered earcuffs, a bellballs/Pididdle collaboration. There are two different pairs in each pack, which made not being able to afford the fatpack a little easier to bear. That’s smart marketing of an already irresistible product. Kudos.

Credits to creators
artwork is Falcon by Asami
Baiastice, Gina Blue (NEW)
bellballs/piddiddle, Fringed Cuff Parrot from the Aviary set (NEW)
Glam Affair, Gio Dark Arancio (former TDR)
Milk Motion, Leila Hair Dark Brown (Seasons Hunt item)
epoque, Illusion Clutch Afrique (Seasons Hunt item)
[e], Move Pumps Burgundy
Elemental Earth Designs, Kiowa Ring
poses by tea soup are from a gift she set out before closing up shop
location is the Gallery Gift Shop
GIMPage minimal


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