Mod mesh zombie hunter

I was loving every item in this outfit. And then came the Bastian Boots, the current group gift from Dilly Dolls. Beautiful but deadly, they’re made of muhesshh. The game began: the official and Firestorm viewers crashed my computer seven times, until I made the minimal demand of shadowless shooting on a plain backdrop, Portia holding her breath, and paramedics standing by. It’s not the mesh I hate. It’s the viewers. No, it’s both. Being unable to adjust clothing is like having no hands.

I also hate zombies and I am fantasizing about hating mesh zombies. I suspect that SLers like zombies because they shoot them, and I also suspect that this zombie shooting started in some other game. (Bear in mind that I didn’t make it beyond pinball and some half-hearted Pacman table-top games. I had better things to do with my 75 cents allowance.) I think zombies in movies are boring. Vampires and werevolves, too. But at least vamps can be beautiful. That said, one of the best films I’ve ever seen is Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool, which technically is a zombie movie. The virus is spread by the spoken word, and terms of endearment are especially lethal. In one hilarious scene, two middle-aged Ontario residents are forced to communicate in French because English is too buggy. Although they probably had lessons in school for years, they can’t think of the word for “kill.” Oh the hazards of failed bilngualism!

Okay, so I turned on shadows after an hour of stability in Firestorm. And then I held my breath.

Credits to creators
Dilly Dolls, Bastian Boots B&W [NEW, available in other colours] (B&W is the VIP gg; usually impossible to join when a gift is out)
bellballs/Pididdle, Fringed Cuff Tropical from the Aviary set (NEW)
D!va, Naomi Amber Scarf [NEW; fatpack; can be worn without the scarf] (gg in store)
CandyDoll, Becky Octumbre subo gift
Gato, 70s Lashes
Crazy, Black Combo Bodysuit
SK Designs, SLime Bodysuit
Nyte’n’Day, Ginger Belt Black (pic 3)
Dilly Dolls, Wristcuff part of Emilie
dfo!, Gone Huntin’ (Seasons Hunt gift); and ????

pics have been GIMPed (so the zombies won’t get me) and Pixlr.comed (cause I’m only happy when it rains)


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