When puffs get into the potions

This post is full of wonderful new stuffs, which you must enjoy before looking at the puffs. Wasabi Pills’ cute Kimmy hair offers a colour-change headband and ties. The beautiful Halloween edition of Mariko’s new Sulli skin ain’t hardly scary. Hers are such tiny fangs, after all. Speaking of tiny, get a load of the mini dog collar on Portia’s new friend, the very handsome Frankenstein Pygmy Puff. The Hogwarts: Your Story sim is hosting a Halloween fair and Anya Ohmai is selling puffs that got into some bad juju juice. In addition to the benighted Frankenpuff and the accursed Ghost with its grey tongue, there’s a damned vamp and a doomed werewolf rumoured to hiccup more than he growls.

It looks like Portia’s being haunted by the spirit of one of the puffs that died to make her vest. JK. SLers wouldn’t be caught undead in real puff. The cuff with the bullets and butterfly is by Forsaken. It comes with a mate in a set that includes a matching necklace and armcuffs. The set is available in many different colours of flutterby. I have to say that it’s been a good week at Pleisure. It turned out that the skyhigh hits stats were juked, and that’s pretty disappointing. But several new-to-me creators dropped me their goodies, so it feels as though there may be solid ground under this blog’s tires. Thanks all for thinking of Pleisure, and keep your eyes peeled for moar!

Credits to creators
floaty puff: Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Ghost (NEW) fair grounds taxi
punky puff: Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Frankenstein (NEW)
skin and red eyes: Mariko, Sulli Haloween Edition (NEW; 100L)
arms tat: Para Designs, Gothic Kiss Spots
hair: Wasabi Pills, Kimmy in Powder and Jellyfish (NEW; ty MissAllSunday Lemon)
butterfly cuff: Forsaken, Bullet with Butterfly wings Wrist Cuff (NEW; ty VincentVile DeSantis)
black shirt: LaViere, Modern Shirt
white vest: Ohmai Emporium, Faux White Pygmy Vest (Season’s Hunt gift)
pose one: Leafy, Peepybirds (comes in every item from The Plastik)
pose two: !bang, stand 198


2 thoughts on “When puffs get into the potions

  1. I just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your blog–I like your take on SL fashion. :)

    Makes me want to try fashion blogging again.

    1. Wow, how wonderful of you to let me know! There are never enough fashion bloggers. Or, there are enough. But that’s no reason to not play. There’s just so much one can do in SL. And so many other amaaaazing bloggers to inspire us.

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