Colour fullest

I whacked myself up the side of my head—because it’s more stimulating than a simple lightbulb—when I realized that there’s no call for brown hair and white skin in SL. If you’re going to go for colour, do it head-to-toe. And don’t lame your lindens when LaGyo does a big colour-change necklace with resize options of large, larger and largest. The lovely skin and ears are part of the Deity Impish group gift that is still available in the Heartsick VIP group notices. There are 14 skin tones in this new line. The purple hair was a gift from BP*, but it is no longer available. If you’ve been in SL more than three days, however, you probably have purple hair. If not, I am partial to booN’s rosey purple hairdos and you should check them out.

The gold Croco Shoes are neither real gold nor genuine croc, so you don’t want to be testing them with your teeth, or looking for the croc’s. They are, however, 60L this weekend only at Aleida.

Stones wears
skin and ears: Heartsick, Deity Impish Group Gift v2 (VIP gift still in notices; fee to join)
lashes: Meghindo’s, Lashes No. 1 (came with outfit)
hair: BP*, autumn bob hair Halloween purple 2011 (old gg)
shoes: Aleida, Natalie Croco Pumps gold (60L this weekend)
necklace: LaGyo, Ewa Ram Necklace Bronze (NEW)
jacket: Secret Store, Tangram Blazer (Seasons Hunt item; male size included)
blouse: Paper doll, part of Chloe (Seasons Hunt item)
trousers: Ingenue, Katherine Trousers in Tweed Plum
poses: dfo!, from the Stakey pack
location: LaGyo


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