Sweet alt of mine

Some months ago I made an alt because I was sick of seeing Lucky Boards on w, x, y and z. When I discovered my alt’s letter on the new LB at Chocolate Atelier, I dusted her off, won the Fluffy Lace Babydoll in two shades of pink, and then realized that she didn’t have good skin, hair, shoes or jewelry to wear with the lingerie. Nor did she have any money. There I was, facing the newbie challenge with nothing in my favour but hundreds of hours of SL fashion experience. My alt’s odd name worked wonders at My UglyDorothy, where I won three skins from the group LBs in about five minutes. The Seasons Hunt took care of the gold and diamonds, and I was all too happy to get another chance to feature the gorgeous Naomi gg from D!va.

That left ugh free shoes. It is so hard to find good ones for free. My first stop was Baby Monkey, my second was Fab Free Headquarters, my third DV8. As you can see, I eventually opted for a pair of free slippers from 2g, which I already had on hand. But I came close to using a pair of dark-pink cork-soled platforms that came with a pink dress gg at BM. Free makeup from Kozmetika, where there are only a few gifts currently available, and a free tat from Pididdle completed the look. Phew.

I found some great HopScotch poses at Fab Free. It’s been a while since I was forced to run around SL in nothing but a bra and panties, and I have to say that it made me nervous. There’s no telling when another round of bash-the-semi-naked-shopper will begin. My alt looked so cold by the time it was all over that I ran off to pick up the Seasons Hunt gifts from Ingenue and DECO. And of course the Shag hair. Which made her smoking hot. (I had to say it. You know I did.) I shot my pics at the new Chocolate Atelier store. If you visit, be sure to travel up to the top level to enjoy the flower garden.

Credits to creators
Chocolate Atelier, Fluffy lace babydoll rose pink (NEW; group LB; if you want pink, you have to win the sets from the LB because it’s not available for sale)
D!va hair, Naomi Black Amber (gg)
Pididdle, Oh so Gawdy Earrings (Seasons Hunt item)
Caroline’s Jewelry, Owl Necklace (Seasons Hunt item)
My UglyDorothy, Ari LB02 (group LB)
La Malvada Mujer, Simple Liner and Blush (gift from Kozmetika location)
Pididdle, Remember that I Love You Tattoo (gift from Pididdle)
2g, babouche/WaterBlue (free in multiple colours at Switch location)
HopScotch, Fab Free Station Gift of poses
shot at Chocolate Atelier


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