Thieves and snakes need homes

I’m filled, not with Halloween spirit, but with a love of images of terrifying women. Some of them comical. Some of them hot. Today I combined the new Glam Affair group gift with the horns, headdress, collar and eyes from a wonderful snake-worshipping faun avatar. Yes, that’s what I said. It’s a gift hidden in a cauldron in Yasum’s Halloween room. And it comes with an altar for all your snake-worshipping needs. I did take pics of the whole av, but malfunctioning shadows ate my photos. You’ll see a head-shot of the skin after the credits.

The Evil Nails, which smoke and will probably die of emphysema, are this month’s gift for the Finesmith VIP group. Stay scary, my friends.

Get the look, if you dare
headgear, eyes and collar: Yasum, part of The Snake av (group gift at store)
skin: Glam Affair, Amelie Silent Doll (group gift, small fee to join)
nails: Finesmith, Evil Nails (VIP gift, fee to join)
earrings: R.icielli, Skull earrings Graff
poses: Juxtapose, from the GYRO standing pack; marukin in the last pic
location: Cute Poison
GIMP had his way with these pix

I loathe snakes. Don’t know what got into me.


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