Yearbook photos from hell

The straight A student. Grim Bros. is the center of the universes at Hallowe’en time. Subo members received this skull tattoo as a gift. The rest of you can buy the full skin set. (And hit the subo for future gifts. The New Year’s hat is always insane.) If you visit the special Grim Bros. Hallowe’en center, you can hunt for six pumpkins with kooky gifts inside. Speaking of…Riri Bazar of hate me and eat me sent me her first hairdos, which should be available soon. Do not wear these dos to sex sims. (Not if you’re there for the sex.)

The alt girl boy kid. This hat is another of this year’s gifts from Grim Bros. Tiny neon green ghosts haunt the castle. (Really, it’s very Hamlet.) Visit Yomeshoujo’s Hallowe’en room if you are looking for plenty of freebies, cheapies and inexpensive paybies, including a number of scary/pretty skins.

The girl who grew to love her poltergeist. But not in a romantic way. Ghanima Uriza has launched a skin line called Matrioska. Each skin is 300L and comes with open and closed mouth versions. Kawaii is my favourite. The freckles tickle my av’s nose.

Credits to creators

Look one
hmaem, Intergalattica Black (coming soon; ty Riri Bazar!) [LINK CORRECTED]
Grim Bros., dia de los muertos tattoo mask (recent subo gift can also be bought in store)
COCO, Bowshirt White (75% off)
G Field, Black Heart Valentine (old subo gift)

Look two
Grim Bros., Treasure Castle Hat Bonus (recent subo gift)
annaA, Body Shape Cazie (NEW; copy and mod; ty Anna!)
Yomeshoujo, Skin Halloween/1-1* (free)
&bean, Praying Mantis brow 2 (not available)
R.icielli, Skull Earring Graff

Look three
Matrioska, Kawaii Skin Open Mouth (NEW; ty Ghanima Uriza!)
Essences, Mascara Tattoo
.ID., Tortured in White October gift (in store)
Mother Goose’s, Trudy Shape
hmaem, Drops Snow (coming soon; ty Riri Bazar!) [LINK CORRECTED]
Chantkare, Black Widow Dress (NEW VIP gift, fee to join)
Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Ghost (NEW)
Dark Mouse, Belle Epoque Collar


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