Ruining Hallowe’en, a Pleisure tradition

Brood away. But not because you’re some Byronic devil. Because it’s so fricking cold out that you are going to have to drape that magnificent cleavage of yours in a muffler and cover up your sexy latex with an overcoat.

Every Hallowe’en, countless costumes are ruined by inclement weather. As a child I was a gypsy in a coat, a ballerina in a coat, a genie in a coat, etc., and the friendliest parents who answered my knock at their door obliged my brother and me by asking us to open our coats and show off our costumes. Nowadays, that would be some kind of pervy thing and our moms would have to whisk us away.

FDM has lots of wicked prim eyes that do cool things with lights. (It’s very technical.) Flash them at your Hallowe’en party guests if you want them to sign over their souls.

Credits to creators
B.D.R, She Devil [comes with trident and alternate wings and bodysuit option and fishnet stockings option] (ty Cameron Vasiliov!)
TSG, Stella in Lolita Coral (group LB)
Pekka, Homicidal Lipstick blood
Analog Dog, Bound Scorpio dark browns pack
Mad’, L’homme Necklace (old gg; fee to join)
FDM (Fleur du Mâle), Alive Eyes Drake Succubus (ty Aymeric Pelazzi!)
Ruru@Tear, Discord Period Ear Muff (old gift)
[NV], Rebel Coat Blood (ZPH hunt, last day today)
Paris Metro, Velvet gloves (old gift)
Black Sheep, Fall Scarf B&W Print (LB)
niyari, neco stool (freebie, buy the case on the table)
These pics were GIMPed, and, let’s face it, red Windlight settings are not flattering (Portia is much more beautiful than she appears)


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