Overslept again!

I hadn’t planned to blog a look for dìa de los muertos, but then Ezura Xue sent me this elaborately sinister and sexy outfit, which comes with skull makeup, and I could hardly say “No, no. We mustn’t break the rules for remembering the dead.” The outfit offers you a choice of bustled skirts, including sheer and not-sheer versions of the long skirt. And it can also be worn as lingerie. (The skull pasties will be a year-round staple in any goth wardrobe.) The rose-strewn collar, and the rose shoulders and decolletage may all be worn separately. The Nightsider coffin with saucy vamp poses by Juxtapose is the perfect setting for this dress. I am showing you the gift version, which is no longer available. But a full version including male poses will be released soon. The coffin comes with a box backdrop so you can shoot it in your shabby-chic apartment and no one will know you’re not really a dank castle kind of girl.

This year I am remembering B., who died a suicide at 52. She was the only guide I ever had. (Depression kills. If you are depressed, do not refuse medication. You have no idea how many people love you and want you in their lives.) In a way, I am also remembering the painter Berthe Morisot, who wore pink shoes when she was in mourning.

Right now I am also thinking about David Wojnarowicz’s video Fire in My Belly, much of which was shot in Mexico at this time of year. In an act of homophobic censorship, John Boehner and Eric Cantor forced the National Portrait Gallery to withdraw it from an exhibition of gay and lesbian portraiture and self-portraiture. The USA endured the culture wars in the late 1980s. Given that hundreds of critics and scholars have written astute analyses of these political tactics and made convincing arguments against censorship, it’s appalling that the gallery simply caved to the pressure.

Credits to creators
+ eX +, Dia de los Muertos Black Set (includes makeup; NEW; ty Ezura Xue!)
Gasqhe, Julia Makeup05/Lbrows (NEW; ty Karija Azalee!)
[e], Claim from the multiple colours pack
G Field, Strap Shoes Alex Pastels Pack
Juxtapose, Nightsider (NEW; ty Rain Laval!)


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