Gotcha green

Some greens ambush your eyes and squeeze them dry. In real life, gotcha greens cost more than friendly greens. They are often found in the sales room at Anthropologie, in groups of thirty or more. Don’t feel sorry for the asymmetrical transparent batwing-sleeved blouse that’s still available in all sizes and discounted 50%. It’s called acid green for a reason. Limit your experiments with gotcha greens to SL and you won’t be begging your lover to take you back or reviving senior citizens on the street.

This post was inspired by Gasqhe’s new Veronica dress in a stunning gotcha green. Yet when I set to shooting the frisky frock at the apartments at booN/Saikin, I could not get a decent shot. I thought it might help to try the opposite of what I was doing, so I TPed to the countryside, where greens go to relax. (You can tell I was nervous about pleasing my readers because there’s a cute pony in the picture. /me shudders) Julia is the name of Gasqhe’s new skin line in a single pale tone. It’s a minimalist skin, doing away with the elaborate shading that typically softens an av’s bone structure. To supplement the basic makeups, there are a couple of eye-smacking tattoo lipsticks, like the Blueberry shade you can see on the Pleisure Flickr. The skins come with light and dark eyebrow options.

I’m a fan of the sombre colours at Priss, especially the deep green shade of this Miuccia blouse. The Lara Hurley skin, a Halloween dollarbie, makes Portia look appropriately dark and dangerous. No ponies for her.

Credits to creators
Look one
Priss, Miuccia Blouse Midnight (NEW)
Lara Hurley, Halloween Skin (dollarbie)
vive9, Anais in Gin (NEW; this was the Fashionably Late item and may not be available in the regular release)
[ glow ] studio, Necklace Fea TDR (recent TDR)
HPMD, Rabbit Legging Green (recent gift)
[e], Secret Boots Army
bang!, Poses 190-199 pack

Look two
Thanks to Quess Enimo, manager of Gasqhe!
Gasqhe, Veronica Dress Green
Gasqhe, Julia Makeup05/Lbrows
Gasqhe, 1521 Leggings #03
[e], Breeze Red 08 from the Essentials pack
EY:NO, Mushroom Necklace (Mushroom Hunting gift)
[e], Secret Boots Army
pose by Glitterati is retired
this pic was GIMPed


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