Make this blog

I wish WordPress would stop offering the .me domain names. I get confused every time I log in and see the words “make this blog” It sounds like a demand that I can never fulfill. But today I’m trying. The luscious collar and bracers are a Sinistyle/Plastik collaboration. There are several other mouth-watering colour combos. At 799L, they are not for kidding around. Serious nudity is required. But only on the Pleisure Flickr.

Credits to creators
:[P]:-Sinistyle, Ravencollar-BracerSet://Kharne (NEW)
Glam Affair, Gio Natural skin fall winter A (current TDR)
Hucci, Circolo Coco (only 75L, and it can be layered if you’re erm chilly)
Analog Dog, tangled night
N-Core, Ultraplatform Bordeaux
(Red)mint, copper rings (1L on Marketplace)
SLC poses here and on Flickr are an old gift for The Deck’s anniversary
GIMP happened


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