The frugal fairy goes to Paris

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, the Evie’s Closet 50% off sale ends today. Even though I am not much for wings and gowns, I love to shop at Evie’s because, depending on my mood, I am drawn to her chasm-deep jewel tones or her powder-subtle earth tones. The combination of colours in the Antique version of the Tuala gown intrigued me and held my attention. Different Windlight settings change the colours in Evie’s gowns, so you mustn’t imagine that you will look exactly like Portia in this photo, even if you do have a northern-lit studio in a chic Parisian arrondissement. The Tuala bodice is drawn to represent braless but perky breasts, so I hit the appropriate slider and let Portia get a little blowsy-looking. Luckily, the cleavage of Mother Goose’s Sasha skin looks right for a wench. No sticky bo$bs here.

There’s a sale on right now at Red Mint (aka (r)M, by creator Moni Schulze), with most skins and hairdos set at 30% or 50% off. The feathers in this beautifully disheveled ‘do are colour change. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance last month to blog these Seasons Hunt prim eyes by Insufferable Dastard. They’re gorgeous and also quite natural-looking despite being labeled red and orange. If your copies are languishing in not-unboxed hell, set them free. If you didn’t pick up the gift, you could go eyeless as well as braless.

Credits to creators
Evie’s Closet, Tuala Gown Antique (50% off sale ends November 6)
(r)M, Hair No 11 (F) Flame (sale 50% off)
Mother Goose’s, Sasha4Teeth (NEW)
NHA!, Nancita Pearl Necklace (an old special item?)
(r)M, Copper Rings (1L on Marketplace)
SLink, Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes
the first pose, shot at the Cupcake sim, is from Glitterati’s Water set, which may be retired (idk)
see my first post for deets on the second setup
These pix were GIMP’d


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