The frugal fairy

The 50% off sale at Evie’s Closet ends today, and I will be back later today with a post featuring the Tuala gown. But the fall 2011 version of the Eden outfit will still be available for 99L at The Gallery Gift Shop, so you have no excuse for not dressing like a fairy and flitting among the toadstools. (Toadstools not included. A possible excuse.) Collabor88 will change its collection on November 8, so you should flit over to pick up [e]’s puckish Shine hairdo for 88L a pack. I shot these pictures at the public photo studio at Dulce Secrets, where there are three different sets. Dulce Secrets skins creator AnneAlyce Maertens has excellent taste in poses, and there’s a tip jar if you want to help her buy more. She wants to display the photos that people shoot in the studios, so you should send her your best if you’re comfy with giving full perms.

Mother Goose’s skins are always inexpensive and appealing, perfect for the frugal fairy who likes to look lit from within. If you plonk down 600L for Sasha, you get five skins (and teeth versions), a teen shape with an androgynous face, and some makeup tat basics like eyeliner and freckles. Please note that the lighting for this photo is not your basic Analu 5 or CalWL, so the skin will look different (better, in fact) under those settings.

Credits to creators
Evie’s Closet, Eden Fall Edition 2011 (includes shoes; 99L at The Gallery Gift Shop and at Evie’s)
Mother Goose’s, Sasha1 skin and Sasha shape
[e], Shine Brown 08 from the Essentials pack (at Collabor88 through the 7th)
lassitude & ennui, Scribble Necklace (was for 4.44.444)
(r)M [aka Red Mint], Gold Rings (1L on Marketplace)


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