Feel better soon

I have a really bad cold that won’t quit, and I am feeling phobic about people, places and things. (In short, a noun gave me this illness, and so I am irrationally, retroactively avoiding nouns.) I sent Stones to hang out with my favourite birds, but they probably gave her avian flu. She’s going to look good until she dies wearing the likes of Coloreta’s funky/classy Haremy Girly pants. This brocade pair is the VIP group gift. You can buy plain pairs in a regular rainbow of colours.

Lilo Glom released a new skin called IceCream. Although IceCream offers several vivid makeups, I am showing you the plainest face because I love the slightly ruddy cheeks and the faint moles and freckles. Each pack contains regular and teeth and cleavage versions, as well as a few lip gloss tats and three tattoo hairbases. The fab new Shara hair from Mina comes with a colour-change hat, one of those ones that hangs like a sack off the back of your av’s head in a way that no one could ever pull off in real life. Gravity defied, I am going back to bed.

Credits to creators
Jesylilo, IceCream LightTanskin*J4 (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Coloreta, Haremy Girl pants (NEW; VIP gift; ty Cate Ying!)
MINA Hair, Shara RBR05 (NEW; ty Mina Nakamura!)
S.R., Autumn Love Necklace comes with earrings (55L for today’s Monday Mania; ty Kiera Seda!)
Glow studio, Tusk necklace (NEW dollarbie)
Hucci, Hucci Zebra Burnout T-shirt (old gift)
Beetlebones, Light Cardigan in Rust (can’t buy it if you didn’t get it at TDR)
Theosophy, Lochdon Boots Cloud/Burnished
Juxtapose, Brrrrrr Poses (v) (NEW; ty Rain Laval!)
These birds hang out at Plastik.
Yes, these pics were GIMPed. I had to fix the nose in the portrait because SL added a few extra planes to the right nostril, but otherwise I left the face alone.


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