The killer in me

I was saving TuttitFrutti’s sexy python jeans for a call-of-the-wild post: Portia in various kinds of animal skins posing with the KittyCat I bought at a yard sale. At first, the kitty was sleeping, so I had to wait, and then I was busy, so kitty just stayed in my inventory because I haven’t got a home in SL. By the time I got around to putting this look together, kitty was a little the worse for inventory wear, and a text told me he’d be sick for seven days. (Join the club. Cough. Wheeze. Repeat.)

I don’t know what to do to restore him to health. Does he need food? Does he need vitamins? Will he automatically bounce back after seven days? Do I care? I mean, he’s just an old tom that can’t be set to breeding, and he only cost me 25L. I should just let him die. And take a photo of whatever cute pose he assumes when he expires. But for some reason, I feel guilty and a little mortified by the extension of my RL habits of neglect to a virtual cat. I don’t feed myself properly, and my apartment is the place where mess goes to relax. How could I not kill an imaginary cast-off cat?

Maybe the source of my angst is not the imminent death of the cat, but the realization that I take better care of my avatar than I do of myself. As I keep gaining weight I am less inclined to spend money on clothes, so I look undistinguished. I should be going to the gym instead of playing SL. Not that I’ve ever gone to the gym. Is my avatar thriving at my expense? Does the creative outlet of blogging sustain me, or am I just escaping real-world problems? Aw heck, I didn’t mean to get heavy today. Go buy everything my avatar is wearing! But steer clear of strays.

Credits to creators
Hucci, Malaysia Dress Lemon (NEW subo gift)
AMD, Giselle Tan Runway 1 (ty Apple May!)
Salt and Pepper, Campanila Shape (Mushroom Hunting item)
Croire, Nail polish tomato with black tips and lime with black tips (TDTH item; ty Emily Kaestner!)

Picture one
TuttiFrutti, Brown Python Low Jeans (ty Bela Tolsen!) !URL FIXED!
NHA!, Necklace Kybur [modded to be bigger]
Nardcotix, Gloria Wedge Olive
LeLutka, Toni Sookie

Picture two
NHA!, Maelle set
S@bbia, ribbon shoulder bag (NEW gg in store)
COCO, Fur Bolero Brown
[e], Shine Blonde 2 [still out at Collabor88 as of pub. time]

Olive Juice, Avedon Pose Pack
Pic one was GIMPed

4 thoughts on “The killer in me

  1. I loved the post and the pictures!
    I have a cat from KittyCats too and it’s always sick. My cat took a lot of money from me to be healthy again. I don’t have a home to rezz it and no money to take care of it properly. I gave up on spending lindens with it. I think I’ll let it die just like you. It’s cute but also a disaster for a broken blogger like me…LOL!!!
    Tons of hugs to you!

  2. Hi ladies! Fortunately, the KittyCatS do not die. They’ll remain sick until made better, either via feeding for a week, or with a Get Well Vitamin. We also have a perma-pet option for the cats that makes them a permanent pet that never requires food, won’t breed, and never gets sick. Perma-pet might be worth looking into if you only want a pet cat that you can leave in inventory for extended periods :)

    Thanks for the mention! Good luck with your KittyCatS! :)

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