Lil ladies love big bags

Let’s face it, SL is the only world where a giant handbag isn’t a recipe for disaster. In real life, the bigger the bag the longer and more desperate the search for keys. I can root around in my modest-sized carry-all forever before I find my wallet, which is itself brick-like in shape and heft. And I often find things in there that I’d forgotten I was still carrying around. My super-lightweight collapsible umbrella and my little summer sweater both came to hand at inopportune moments—under blazing sun and on the first of October, respectively. And the tampons! They tumble out of every fold when they’re not needed and then hide in alternate dimensions when they’re required.

But this is SL, baby, so your av’s purse can be six times the size of her head and shot through with wormholes and life is still a breeze. Now, it still happens that some avs are less confident than others. This one’s wearing thick tights and a turtleneck with fd’s pretty soie-changeant dress, which is punctuated by net panels. The dress and the fetching hairdo are 88L deals at Collabor88. I modded the large skirt by “stretching” it down, so petite-rumped buyer beware.

If this tiny av gets spooked, she can crawl into her ginormous Le Poppycock carpetbag, which is a 69L gacha steal. Her skin is IceCream in the Light tone, brand new from Jesylilo. You get two distinct makeups in each pack, one with teeth and one without, instead of the usual single makeup in toothy and toothless versions.

I unknowingly bought a pair of mesh shoes from Nardcotix at the O Glam sim because I was so eager to be charitable. One look at them in their proper form banished my misery. Kinky and nerdy at once, these are the perfect shoe for the extraverted but ironic av. This cute leopard-meets-chintz dress is brand-new from Voix, a Fleshtone diffusion line. The Voix multi-hued croc bag is a TFG exclusive available only until November 20.

Credits to creators
Thanks to Gisele Mubble from Voix!
Look floral
AnnaA, Brann (current GSP; ty Annalesca Ashborune!)
AMD, Giselle Gothly Runway 4 (NEW; ty Apple May!)
I Love Olive, Doris (store closed)
Voix, UnTamed Dress [with collar from LaViere]
Voix, Knot Belt Black
Voix, JetSet Crocodile Tote Black
Voix, JetSet Crocodile Tote TFG Exclusive (at TFG)
Primalot, Nuclear Motion Set
Nardcotix, Zoe Platform Monochrome (NEW; MESH! BEWARE!)
xbordeaux, Hungry Hearts Stockings (ask creator Xanadu Capelo)
poses: PDA, Set Two (at Collabor88) and Glitterati, Water Set (retired)

Look pale
Jesylilo, IceCream LightskinJ6 face 2 with teeth (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
AnnaA, Chris (NEW; ty Anna!)
fd, Cutout Dress Purple (NEW; at Collabor88)
[e], Soft Brown 04 from the Essentials pack (at Collabor88)
Le Poppycock, Carpet Bag Sky Father (NEW gacha), Basic Turtleneck Oatmeal
Maitreya, Allure Tights Powder
G Field, Strap Shoes Alex Pastels Pack
poses: PDA, Set Two (at Collabor88)


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