Hot red pants

Sunami Beck of Emery released these gorgeous draped pants and ate up a whole minute of my life making me choose among a trio of lipstick-shaded wonders. There are plenty of other lovely colours for those of you who don’t like your pants hot. Portia’s Aleida shoes are half price while Aleida Rhode moves her shop. The Natalie pumps come in a range of unusually elegant fall shades, as well as brights and black, so don’t go to the shop without at least a minute to spend on deciding. Oh money, why aren’t you more of a moreness?

Atop a gift tee-shirt from Priss, Portia wears last weekend’s Project Themeory jacket from Tokidoki. If you look closely at this photo, you’ll discover that, in SL as in RL, shadow silhouettes sometimes make bad compositional choices.

If you’re a hardcore quidditch fan, you’ll want to pick up these free houses of Hogwarts Pygmy Puffs. I had a really frustrating day yesterday, and the news from Berkeley, my alma mater and a place where I still have precious friends, made me despair. I know that the Berkeley community is awesome, and the Occupy Oakland movement is particularly inspiring, but I don’t believe for one second that they, that we, are going to change the future of capitalism. And yet, I am heartened by Ohio voters’ repeal of the law designed to bust state-employee unions. So Portia is not smiling in this photo, but that Gryffindor pygmy has a bit of a twinkle in its eye.

Credits to creators
Ohmai Emporium, Quidditch House Pride Pygmy Puffs (free at until December 17)
Emery, Trousers Kenia Red (NEW)
Tokidoki, Autumn Jacket (recent Project Themeory item)
Priss, Pocahontas Shirt (gift in store)
Illusory, Paige Milk Soft Touch (NEW Collabor88 item)
Pekka, Kere Lipline Red
Exile, GeorginaRoots Marone
glow studio, Hanging Ribbons [modded]
Osakki, Hamur set
Aleida, Natalie Croco Pump Copper (currently on sale)
poses from marukin at Collabor88
shot at SLOW
pics were GIMPed


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