Finesmith can’t be pigeonholed. A casual observer might think that Yula Finesmith’s creations are earmarked for SL’s haute couture models, who boast preternaturally “perfect” features and sport luxurious looks. And yet sets like Shinobu—which bristles with black spines and glossy red beads in scorpion shape—lend themselves to cartoonish faces and to darker, tougher ensembles. This is a good thing for those of us who feel that happiness is a sinister av.

Credits to creators
Finesmith, Shinobu Set (NEW! contains earrings, necklace, ring and horns not shown; ty Yula Finesmith!)
99Hair, Krima B1
Salt and Pepper, Campanila shape (Mushroom Hunting item)
fd, Bird Skin C88 04 (current Collabor88 item)
Little Pricks, Psychic Cross Nipple Tape [gotta love a Psychic TV shout out]
R.icielli, Alexandra jacket /bw
aDiva Couture, Camille Highwaist Satin Pants Outfit
Legit, Leather Bracelet
PDA poses are available at Collabor88 in Pack A
The location is Nexus Prime and GIMP was called to the scene.


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