Vintage without the Fair

For all of you who can’t get a foot into the Vintage Fair, or who can’t get that foot to wiggle, I present an alternative. This gown and headdress are part of Silver7, one of the free avatars available through the Meta Body Project at Delicatessen. Elsewhere on the sim, you will find this rock-man screwing a woman-tree. Brings back memories of my first six months in SL. Good times. Good times you’d never find at the Fair, where sex is impossible because doing it right requires movement. Or so I’ve been told by a lot of men.

At FTLO’s new Black Market on the Rumor sim, you can pick up this evil-looking BJD by The Sugar Garden for a mere 100L. There are human ears if you’re afraid of poking out someone’s eye with the nymph set.

Credits to creators
TSG, BJD Rheia Evil Sister BJD Avatar (at FTLO’s new Black Market)
Meta Body Project, Silver7 complete avatar [I used only the dress, bracelet and headpiece]
Quellazaire, Cigarette Holders Static
JetDoll, Fur Stole Over the Shoulder in Black
5th&Oxford, Leather Gloves
JD, Pearls and Diamonds White
Wildo, Gift Hair (old gift)
The poses are from the Hipster pack by SoO and from hmaem. I think the hmaem is not available right now.
There was some GIMPing on the first pic.


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