I’m holding my breath as UC Berkeley students and Occupy Oakland stage their strikes today. I’ve been thinking about Oakland aka “Oaktown” and how that city’s problems with poverty and violence are being played out in current confrontations between protesters and police. I’ve been thinking about Angela Davis, the Black Panthers and the history of Bay Area activism. And all my preoccupations came stumbling out in this odd ensemble centered on a t-shirt reading “Thug.” I hope that I haven’t just served up an ignorant stereotype of gangsta chic. I tried to capture the way the Panthers used their threatening styles and stances to represent a black power that would terrify white folk. And then I added the COCO skirt because I really really wanted my av to wear it.

Portia’s skin is the new group gift from Al Vulo. I tried to enable shadows for this shoot, but the shadows ate faux Angela’s fro. That one awesome shadow you see at Portia’s neck comes with the necklace from Pepper, which also features colour change gems.

Go to Perfect Wardrobe to pick up the sequined leggings from {K}rea. The pack includes black, white and grey pairs. The theme for this month’s outing is black and white, and I was impressed by creators’ clever takes on the combo.

Credits to creators
al vulo, Chen blackpearl choco (NEW gg)
Pekka, lipstick tat in pic one from the Homicidal pack
Pepper, Brass Knuckle Necklace (NEW)
Voix, NyashaPythonBooties Purple (NEW; ty Gisele Mubble!)
{k}Rea, Sequined Leggings B/W (NEW at Perfect Wardrobe)
Doux Petit, Thug V White (NEW subo gift, only on jacket layer)
COCO, Pencil Skirt Black (discounted)
hmaem, gloves gift (old subo gift)
Gabriel, Orion Hand Belt (old gg)
Blss Couture, Afro with Bow (modded; old gg)

These pics were GIMPed. I shot them at the Dulce Secrets public photo studio.


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