Doing more with less

Portia returned from her eighth excursion to the Vintage Fair with nothing new to wear. And yet she was smiling and upbeat, a perfect picture in the Ingenue dress she snagged on visit two. Pleisure couldn’t resist asking “Portia Capelo, what is your secret?”

With a self-satisfied smirk, Portia told Pleisure that lagged-out events are the perfect venue for her charity work in murders and assassinations. When she encounters an avatar wearing “one of those dumb AOs that makes her do the hokey pokey,” Portia simply beats the living pixels out of her, being careful not to spoil the hairdo, which she takes as a trophy. “It’s a public service, really,” Portia explained, “because it cuts down on scripts. And it eliminates competitors in the fashion war of tout le monde contre le tout Paris.”

“Besides,” she concluded, “when even the one per cent has taken to recycling and repurposing, an avatar-bone chandelier is the height of chic.”

Credits to creators
Ingenue, Martine Dress Wine (only at Vintage Fair)
glow studio, Retro Vibe Glasses (current TDR Blue)
haut monde, Hondo Pumps Tan and Cream
[e], Glory Red 12
LAQ, Lovisa Milky 02
Bubble, Brains for the Rde Bag (last ZPH gift)
Finesmith, Geo Earrings (Nov VIP gg)
Insolence, Kiss Me Cream Stockings
The poses are a gift from La Malvada Mujer at Vintage Fair. The location is The Gallery Gift Shop, where the furnishings are not really made of people. The pics were GIMPed.


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