Miracle meshdows

If you find yourself on SLine at noontime on a Wednesday, you should do as the Mods did and spend your lunch hour dancing at The Tokoloshe, where Riri Ninni will treat you to tracks from her collection of cool vintage recordings. I had never before heard the German novelty song Molotow Cocktail Party, but now I will be playing it at all my uprisings, insurgencies and revolutions. Heck, I may even listen to it when I’m just in a bad mood. I clean my apartment when Ms. Ninni DJs. This is a major testament to her skills, because nothing else can get me off my butt and on my feet to do the work. I don’t advocate dressing as a sporty-snooty-cutie when your av goes dancing, but I do recommend Aura’s striped henleys, which are available at the Vintage Fair. There is also a gift version in the notices for Truth District group members. The good news out of the Vintage Fair is that the PTBs have moved the sims to new servers, so that should cut down on lag. While leaving me with nothing to blog about. Prepare for me to bore you like you’ve never been bored before. Baby.

I don’t think I’ve ever called a hairdo genius, but I have to applaud Wasabi Pills’ new ‘do, with its colour-change scarf, for being pretty and sexy and snug all at once. I forced myself to show you a shade that’s not ginger, but I couldn’t resist popping on the Cinnamon for this shot. I think it’s now official that my av is a redhead. And that worries me a little because redheads are always causing trouble for their menfolk. Oh wait, that’s a good thing. Speaking of, please note that this photo shot with the Firestorm beta viewer gives you both mesh and shadows (or “miracle meshdows” as no one except me will ever call the phenomenon.)

Stones wears

Wasabi Pills, Brrree Mesh Hair in Cinnamon and Golden (thank you Miss Lemon!) MESH WARNING MESH
Aura, Retro Henley Plum (Vintage Fair)
d.Select, Kiddo PROMO War Painting (free skin with the word PROMO tattooed on the back of the neck, available in the store and at Vintage Fair)
ZUF, Wilderness Mocassins (hunt gift)
Kookie, Agness ostrich bag grass
Jack Spoon, Wool Leggings peaches and cream (4.44.444 item, not available)
Bliensen + MaiTai, Bedazzled Gloves (old hunt gift)
The poses are by marukin from the current Collabor88 and the location is The Tokoloshe. The first pic was GIMPed. The second one didn’t get the help it needed and was pronounced DOA.


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