Punk like a lady

You’d think that leather and ladylikeness could never mix. But female punks have always incorporated vintage clothing into their looks as a way of uber-freaking out the straight world, which can’t handle paradox. In the late 1970s, Nan Goldin photographed No Wave filmmaker and musician Vivienne Dick in a vintage party dress. Pale and wiry thin, with her hair cut like a boy’s, Dick’s body contradicts the message that the dress was designed to send. But the dress also contradicts her body, making her power to reimagine gender identity explicit. There’s real cheek in Dick’s demonstration that she can terrify and turn you on with a few yards of rayon and a pair of blunt scissors. If you like Viv, you’ll love Trixie.

Shortcake Sugarplum was kind enough to send me her first skin, Cleopatra, which comes with a pair of lovely brown eyes and is available as part of The Gallery Gift Shop’s new rotation. It’s possible that this skin is glamorous to the point of being slightly intimidating. But it’s also possible that I am just projecting my own persona onto the innocent creation. I have to say that I find Bubbles Clawtooth’s New Gibson hairdo very appealing. The Gibson girl was always meant to embody a relatively emancipated, or at least high-spirited, American girl, so you don’t want to be sending your spinster friends after this hairdo.

This intense red dress from Ivalde is free at The Vintage Fair. Now that the sims are on new servers, it’s possible to pick up all the gifties, which include items from Finesmith, Sn@tch, DNR, La Malvada Mujer, Slug and more. The pose I used for this shot is also available from Apple Spice in her Fair special Vintage Poses pack.

Last on my list of recommendations are this piercing from AnnaA and the DIMH hunt gift skin from JesyLilo. I stay away from piercings because they are usually based on a cutiepie face that bears no proportional resemblance to Portia’s. But this piercing fit fine after just a bit of stretching and rotating. (If it were more than a bit, I’d tell you, because I kvetch when I can.) I realized this week that prim eyelashes have gotten smaller because of the trend to tiny eyes, so I made a mental note to never throw out this thick and silky pair which I picked up from Free*Style in the olden days.

Credits to creators
Leather look
Lucky #7, Cleopatra TGGS 151111 (new at TGGS; ty Shortcake!)
Clawtooth, Modern Gibson Softest Black (NEW)
Ison, Leather Dress v-cut (Vintage Fair item)
Nardcotix, Esther Vintage Pump Red (Vintage Fair item; only 600L for the fatpack of four colours!)
Sakide, White Jeans Garters UK (5L in the Angel Base sim hunt)
League, Side-gartered stockings Black
bubble, Punk is not Dead Cuffs (5L in the Angel Base sim hunt)
Violent Seduction, BDSM Collar (part of an old gg)
Dark Mouse, Vintage 50s Pearl Stud Clip
Poses are by Label Motion, Hada pack TFG

Satin look
*JeSyLiLO*, DIMH3Hunt:::*LightSkin* (DIMH hunt gift; ty Lilo!)
Glam Affair, Stella Eyes n4
Free*Style, even longer slutty lashes (oldddd item)
[annaA], Face Piercing onyx comes with the “SHARP” shape (NEW at Perfect Wardrobe; ty Anna!)
Ivalde, Vanessa Dress Red (Vintage Fair gift)
ISON, girl panic boots (british black) (Vintage Fair item)
lamb, Phenomena Left-Brained
bubble, Punk is not Dead Cuffs (5L in the Angel Base sim hunt)
Domino Fashions, Fishnet Stockings (Ripped) (old item)
Apple Spice Store, Vintage Poses pack (Vintage Fair item; ty Apple!)

I shot at Y&R’s store. The pics were GIMPed. Portia was having a bad nose day.


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