Pink wants to be free

I figure if you’re going to go pink you might as well go all the way. So in addition to Riddle’s sublime Pussybow dress, Portia is sporting a big-a$s ruby ring from Mons and a ginormous pink clutch from Priss. The Mons ring is a gift in the Fan Shopping group hunt. The bag is an in-store open gift. It can be purchased in several other colours.

Portia’s Plastik skin is a Very Important Hunters Hunt gift. There are so many beautiful makeups in this big pack that I couldn’t resist shooting others. I’ll either put the pics on the Pleisure Flickr or do another post. Among the included tattoos, you’ll find the legs and arms “demon fade” that turned Portia’s extremities black, neatly solving the problem of finding the right gloves and stockings.

Credits to creators
** [ Riddle ] **, Pussybow Dress – Berry (Vintage Fair item)
:[P]:, Aleria://Nightbringer’s Breath://Flush and Aleria Makeups- Leg and Arm Fade and VaeColl.-Winter eyes (VIHH gift)
– DAMNED -, GreenDream3 Tattoo Fresh (Mushroom Hunting gift)
MONS, Elegance Ring Series – PAN (Fan Shopping Hunt gift)
Priss, Ereenu oversized clutch pink (gift in store)
*League*, Vintage Heart Earrings
HouseofFox, EdgyPump[Hot Pink]
>TRUTH<, Gloria – cocoa
The pose by Glitterati is retired.
The pics were GIMPed.

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