Replicate this

I got my friend’s car into a small accident on Saturday. After eight driving lessons, I am no better at managing all the elements of operating the car and negotiating traffic than I was on lesson one. The simple reason for this is that I cannot process all the information coming at me. It takes me ages to see what I need to see in the side-mirror, by which time I have lost speed and drifted off course, as well as lost my opportunity to change lanes. And now, before even getting my licence, which I am considering not doing, I have lost my naive assumptions about reporting accidents to insurance companies. The system, it seems, is there to be beaten. My friend was a total mensch throughout, and for that I am grateful, but I woke up Sunday morning feeling very depressed about my failure. Sucky to the max, I logged on and knew immediately what to do to soothe my suffering. Buy my avatar a cuddly rabbit from HPMD. I bought one ages ago, but it was too big and so I sent it to the great rabbit hutch in the attic. I don’t allow myself to correct consumption mistakes. (Never throw good money after bad, as they say.) So I will live with the too-shiny boots from Miamai…until I, like, accidentally maim my sky-diving instructor and need to cheer up quick.

I didn’t know anything about GLaDOS when I shot these pics. If I had read the Wikipedia entry and watched the YouTube vids, I’d have known not to hand her an innocent rabbit. Actually, GLaDOS sounds like my kind of crazy sarcastic AI, so she can hug my bunny any day. I think I intuited her evilness when I took this shot at Sweet Leonard. GLaDos is pouting because the wooden dolly looks a lot like her. She mutters, “Analog bit*h thinks she can replicate my style!”

Credits to creators
avatar: Pixels, Android Glados Avatar (group gift, fee to join)
bunny: HPMD, SleepyRabbit white Medium (comes with AO)
jeans: Spirit Store, Maxonna Jeans Black
collar: SD Wears, Twisted Hunt Collar (not available)
Locations are HPMD and Sweet Leonard. The pics were GIMPed but mostly to make the awesome HPMD reindeer glow more.

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