Burlesque on rye

When I got a look at Blue Blood’s new Kirsten costume, I knew that I had to blog the black and red version in honor of the fabulous work Wise Sandalwood and Patricie have been doing with circus-themed outfits. Although Kirsten does come with black stockings to match the nifty garters, I subsituted in a sheer pair by N-Core. That’s right I now own the Ultraplatform shoes in black. From now on my avatar will a) wear them with everything, and b) expect you to grovel at her feet.

If you’re very lucky, you will be able to catch this haute hairdo and hat by Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies. It’s only 50L as her contribution to the Italian Taste Event that started October 24th. Stones’ skin and eyes are an icy-cool new winter set from YS & YS at TDR.

Stones wears
Blue Blood, Kirsten Red (NEW; ty Ghanima Uriza!)
Solidea Folies, Bowler Hair for the Italian Taste
YS&YS, Ginevra Winter Preview TDR LightEB (current TDR)
Pekka, Homicidal Lipstick Blood (in pic one)
La Malvada Mujer, So Long Marianne tat (Vintage Fair item)
N-Core, Ultraplatform Noir Intense

The poses are from Apple Spice Store‘s awesome Rockstar pack, for which, TY! The location is Insilico. The pictures were GIMPed, but the only thing I retouched on the skin was the nose area. Stones’ nose just doesn’t work with any skins.

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