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I think most of us become a little kink-curious around the holidays. If you’re feeling like a dominatrix but haven’t got the outfits to prove it, you should stalk over to The Latex Station where there’s a big hunt that ends on Friday. You are “hunting” for boxes that are set out in plain sight. There are ten outfits for you ladies and two for the men you intend to enslave. My fave of the lot is MUJI, which features a high-cut lace-trimmed bottom. I’ve added one of the irresistible Ambrice Corsets from The Plastik, where Aikea Reiko is holding a 50% off sale for an indefinite time. She needs to raise cash quick to repair her external hard drive. And we benefit big time from her disaster; if that’s not kinky, I don’t know what is. The cheap gacha burdies are also from The Plastik. They nest in your av’s hair unless you use the magic of SL to move them elsewhere.

While you are at The Plastik, you should look for the red bowtie. It contains the Aleria skin fatpack set out for The Very Important Hunters Hunt. To get this Lena Oliny look, you just need to pick up the vampy Elfje hair, which is new from Mina.

If you call yourself kinky and don’t own at least one set of The Plastik’s Recluse Collars you are missing out. Each pack is filled with multiple variations, some of them feathered. Don’t get hooked on Portia’s skin. It was a Bake Sale special from Pink Fuel, and it waited patiently in my inventory until I needed its attention-grabbing power.

Credits to creators
Look one
Latex Station, Full Latex Catsuit MUJI Black
Latex Station, Full Latex Catsuit Francesca Black (showing the gloves only)
Plastik, Ambrice Corset Creep (50% off)
Plastik, Recluse Collar Bound Rela (50% off)
Plastik, Burdies Para (50% off, I guess; I bought mine ages ago)
D!va, Naomi Platinum (20000 group members gift)
Pink Fuel, Alyx Pearl Bakesale Prerelease Static (ltbrow/teeth) (not available)
Label Motion, Betty Poses (at TFG)

Look two
Plastik, Recluse Collar-Feathers-Leather Black  (50% off)
Plastik, Aleria://Nightbringer’s Breath://Stained and VaeColl.-Winter eyes (VIHH item)
[ glow ], Rhapsody eyelashes – Lightning (BLACK)
MINA Hair, Elfje – DBR06 (NEW; ty Mina Nakamura!)
LoveCats, Twilight Gown (Twilight Hunt item)
The pose is by Glitterati from one of the Beauty packs at 4.44.444

These pics were GIMPed.


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