A little Priss on the praire

I was in my twenties when I started to feel tormented by the cocktail gowns that sit in store windows at this time of year. Even though I wouldn’t have worn any of the dresses, because they were so mainstream 90s, and even though I didn’t want to belong to the class of people who did wear these concoctions to Christmas parties, the dresses somehow represented a life I was missing out on. Although I hated wasting the last four years of my life dwelling in the middle of a cornfield, prairie living spared me the depressing sight of sparkly frocks. And yet the mere absence of cocktail dresses doesn’t save the average prairie girl from feelings of longing and frustration during the holiday season.

Stones deals with these feelings by attending every party, even the ones held outdoors on the ice. Looking smart in her Priss Slouche dress, with her hair carefully combed, and her dressup boots well polished, she still feels a little down on account of her date, a pheasant named Roy. But only because Roy hasn’t upgraded to mesh, which everyone knows is better for dancing.

Portia—who’s called Por here because there’s no cause for extra syllables—is all gussied up in her Priss Luv Maxi Skirt and a Tomboy top from The Plastik. The Tomboy top comes with a prim to simulate giant b*obs, but this makes Por feel anxious rather than confident. The balloon-b*easts will only get in the way if she has to fix a wagon-wheel or reshoe a horse en route to the party.

Por sends smoke signals to tell Stones she won’t be going to the party but will instead relax by playing with her rabbit. Stones hasn’t had enough experience of the world to smoke back a vibr*tor joke. She really needs to ditch that pheasant.

Credits to creators
Stones wears
Priss, Cotton Slouche Dress Blue (NEW; ty Erin Winterwolf!)
Dura, Girl 28 Sienna (at the current Fashionably Late)
Mother Goose’s, Sienna 1
LaGyo, The Desperado bag dappled (NEW; subo gift)
Elemental Earth Designs, Ethnicity Pouch Native American1 (recent group gift)
GOS, GTFO Boots Stone
Insanya, Tights Copper
poses by Label Motion

Portia Wears
Priss, Luv Maxi Skirt Beige (NEW; ty Erin Winterwolf!)
JesyLilo, WestBoots in Dark Chocolate [sic] and Green (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Plastik, Tomboy Tee Chocolate (50% off)
RezIpsa Loc, Red Star Long Sleeve (underneath)
LAQ, Lovisa Milky 01
Clawtooth True Betty Uptown Brown (on sale!)
Bukka, Leather bag (subo gift)
HPMD, SleepyRabbit white Medium
pose one by !bang

These pics were lightly GIMPed. Weird spellings are an effort to protect pnor hounds from disappointment. You’re welcome.


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