Hey mister!

My brain is set to stunned. But I managed to do this.

Credits to creators
::[annaA]::, Body Shape “Milu” (NEW! ty Annalesca Ashbourne)
al vulo, chen * waterdriad (Mushroom Hunting hunt gift; hunt probably finished)
PIDIDDLE, LipColor- Truly Naked / GappedTeeth / TESTER (dollarbie at Liberty City shop)
*Dura, Girl*28(Black) (NEW, at Fashionably Late ending today)
*Epic*, Doodlebug Boots {Faun/Demon}-{White/Black.Hoof} (current Perfect Wardrobe)
~Pepper~, Brass Knuckle Belt – WHITE (current TFG)
~Pepper~, Brass Knuckle Necklace
Alphavillain, New York Herald Tribune Tee (White) (old Seasons Hunt item)
*Fishy Strawberry*, High-Waist Suede Skirt – Black
Fleshtone, Seamless Hooker Leggings (ty Gisele and StevenZ.!)
.::DBS::.., HORNS :D (old LB, not available)
*hmaem*, gloves*gift* (old subo gift) with part of *+*JILL*+*, Ribbon gloves-Black (not available)
Pose is by PDA from current 50L Friday pack.


What do you think?

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