Well-behaved beauties

Sunday November 27 is the last day of the Black Friday event at Euphoria. Some of the stores—listed on the Euphoria blog—have set out a 50L item. In this post I’m showing you Chantkare’s Adele Dress in Blush and the Victorian Blouse in Dirty Pink by SMS. If you pop over to Exile, your 50L will get you single-shade packs of soon-to-be-retired hairdos, among which you’ll find the love of my Exile life, Dori.

I’m featuring skins from Dutch Touch today because Iki Ikarus announced this week that she will no longer be making skins. I don’t know exactly what’s been happening, but it seems that she is tired of having her work ripped and getting no action from Linden Labs. Because I’m not in the loop, I find out about skin ripping only by accident. It seems to me that some good old-fashioned investigative reporting could keep us all informed about content theft. At the very least, this would enable honest SL shoppers to boycott thieves. Ms. Ikarus states on her blog that she plans to keep DT open as long as she can pay the monthly tiers. I am devastated to see her quit because her skin tones are so deliciously complex. I hope that she knows that it’s all right to come back after quitting. In fact, it’s very rock and roll to do so.

Credits to creators
Look one
SMS, Victorian Blouse Dirty Pink (50L at Euphoria today only)
Dutch Touch, Mensje Rose Basic CL3 EBXtra FR HB
Dutch Touch, Amber Makeup Lipstick No 3
Exile, Dori dusk (light browns pack) (on sale)
Couverture, Star Festival Skirt Night
Donna Flora, Pasqualina Earrings (old gift)
!bang, I <3 FLF pose pack (old gift)

Look two
Chantkare, Adele Dress Blush (50L at Euphoria today only)
Dutch Touch, Jaliah Dark Basic CL3 EBBlack MO FR
Clawtooth, Modern Gibson (from the black and white pack)
NHA!, Earrings Sakura (recent gift in store)
!bang, Poses 190-199 pack

These pics were GIMPed. And the light is weird. Be sure to demo skins. Sorry I forgot to shrink them to a sane size.


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