I don’t know what Portia’s playing at. She’s not a hooker, but she looks unwholesome. I tried to imagine a time when women looked this way and my mind got caught between the seventies and the eighties. Mostly I thought of The Warriors, a disappointing film about rival gangs, much of which takes place on the subway. I also recalled Spike killing a slayer in a subway car and taking her leather jacket as a trophy. Finally, I remembered reading about a socialite who felt safe riding the NYC subway in haute couture because the African-American underclass respected style. If that’s not a fantasy, I don’t know what is. I tried to find the right music for this look, but all I came up with was “Europa” from Blondie’s Autoamerican album. That track is not subway music. It’s about abandoned cars (if it’s about anything). Abandoning cars in favour of more public transportation is, of course, my fantasy. I sincerely hope that David Fincher will not replace mass-transit-taking with car-driving in his Millennium Trilogy films. Daniel Craig taking the train is so much sexier than Daniel Craig driving a fancy car.

(Yeah, no. I also can’t believe I just wrote that.) Purple Moon’s luxurious Zorali coat is available in all sorts of colours, but I liked this combo of the rich red leather with plain beige ostrich feathers. I do all my smoking in Second Life because digital cancer-sticks don’t kill anybody.

Hucci’s slinky Sweetheart Jumpsuit is also available in several colours, but I saw this subtly variegated version and had to have it.

It’s the weekend in NYC. Portia’s train is running express to Brooklyn.

Credits to creators
Purple Moon, Zorali Coat in Raspberry
Hucci, Sweetheart Jumpsuit Pink Leopard
fd, Bird Skin V 3 Blonde Brows
Plastik, Scale tat
LeLutka, Brigitte Hair Sweeden
La Malvada Mujer, Persiguiendo el Dragon Necklace
fri.day, Wide Waist Belt Pumpkin
SLink, Marina Boot Merlot
Nikotin, Cigarillo Gold
Poses are from Still Life, Sweet Bumble bee pack and PDA, The Real Janelle pack


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