Quite too utterly utter

I followed May Coba to The Looking Glass for my last look from the Vintage Fair, which ends on December 3rd. In the early days of VF lag, I tried over and over again to get The Sea Hole’s Nouveau Silk Dress vendors to rez so that I could carefully choose a colour, as is my habit. I derendered half the fair, with no success, but went back again and again until I spied this lovely peach colour beautifully enhanced by the green trim. I hadn’t planned to jazz the dress up with a red fur, but the world got colder and my seasonal pixel-fur fetish kicked in. This jacket was a Christmas special last year at Pop*feel. I really want a bordeaux-coloured 1940s/70s chubby, so if you are a designer, please get to making me one.

This Mensje special edition skin from Dutch Touch is on sale for 450L. The tones are completely different from the original Mensje release, so you have an excuse to buy her all over again. DT may close, so don’t delay. And the jewels from Eclectica? Fuc*ing awesome, as Evelyn Waugh might have put it.

“Quite too utterly utter”

Credits to creators
The Sea Hole, Nouveau Silk Dress Melon
Dutch Touch, Mensje Spec.Ed. Pale MU CLA NoBrows Fr with Mensje Lipsticks DeepDarkRed (included in pack)
ae.meth, ae nails shell (old Kozmetika gift)
Eclectica, Deco Knot Set Dark Gold
Pop*Feel, Fur Jacket Christmas Red (old gift)
Clawtooth, Louise Brooks Wheat
Adjunct, Marrakech Glasses Gold
Ohmai, Sun Pouch (old Seasons Hunt gift)
poses are from Still Life, Darling Please pack and marukin, eobseon pack

These pics were GIMPed lightly for your pleisure.

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