Can’t get my shi! together

If SL were more like real life, my avatar would look like this. Individually, all these pieces are wonderful, but it looks as though they’ve been combined by someone who is distracted, someone who never looks at the TV screen any more, not even when Asif Mandvi comes on. When I moved to the badlands (west of Chicago), I started shampooing my hair less, since there was no one around who deserved the glory of my clean hair. Now that I’ve relocated to the city, my depression hasn’t disappeared. I’m still letting my hair go grey and dirty and I almost never comb it when it’s clean. And now I’ve started skipping baths. I’ve been wearing a lot of lipstick to compensate, and that practically makes me a glam rock star in our makeupless world.

I figure the SL blogging equivalent of disgusting hair is hair that my avatar has already worn, so please enjoy this Dura style again. I added freckles and moles to Mariko’s LB skin Charmy, which is already lightly blemished. I admit to having nothing like a banjo-playing cat tee with which to terrorize the world. I did buy an art-gallery t-shirt that says “Detrimental to the Interests of the United States,” but I figure some cop will pepper-spray me if I wear it.

I am so sartorially lame that I wander around my apartment for hours wearing only half an outfit. All my lounging pants are lying on a chair in my bedroom, thanks to my new system of never hanging anything up, but still I ignore them in favour of a big sweater that really doesn’t cover enough of my butt to make it safe to open the blinds. I open them anyway. (I’ve lived in NYC. No one dies from seeing their neighbour naked.) I think my slovenliness may be a reaction against the Chicago environment, which boasts more dry cleaners and nail salons than any other city in the world. If a town is going to be that uptight about presentation, as opposed to, say, creative styling, I’m going to go pantsless until it stops, or until some cop pepper-sprays me. At which point we are all going pantsless.

Credits to creators
Look one
{SMS}, Open Shirt Floral Pinks (NEW)
terri.tees, banjo cat tee (NEW, but the store is gone and it’s not on Marketplace; sorry Terri Wardell!)
WOot, Wedge Boot (NEW; 99L at XYRoom; ty, I love them!)
Emery, Trousers Kenia (UPDATED current TDRB; Emery is having a 50% off sale this weekend UPDATED)
Hawthorne, Nostalgia Clutch – Mint (NEW; gg in notices)
Mariko, CHARMY_LB (group LB)
::DT::, ::JoLiE:: V2 Beautymarks Moles and Xtra Freckles
MADesigns, EYES_NATURE ~ Mud ink (old gift)
Dura, *Dura Girl*28(Sienna) (NEW)

Look two
Kyoot, Hollander Leggings Black (today’s 50L Friday item, available in four colours)
“IS”, Dragon 2 (gacha)
Mariko, Lynn LB (group LB)
MADesigns, EYES_NATURE ~ Mud ink (old gift)
kik, Fine 1 dirty blonde
2g, Babouche Purple (freebie)

PDA pack of poses for FLF Nov 25 (with Leonard Cohen song titles)


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