Continental queen

When I was a tween, my best friend and I met regularly to listen to one of the four pop groups we loved. I owned albums by Blondie and Pat Benatar, and she had The Human League and ABBA. I loved THL, but ABBA…ABBA went under my head, if you know what I mean. Eventually, David Bowie, looking so appealing on the cover of Changes 2, slithered into our garden of Eden and offered me the proverbial apple. My friend stuck with her continental breakfast and got left behind. When I received AnneJoy Paine’s amazing Agnetha Jumpsuit for aDiva Couture, I was at a loss, having no idea what the ABBA girls really looked like or how they moved. Again, I was kinda underwhelmed. But I was determined to be accurate, so I came up with a look that is suitably pretty but conservative makeup-wise and hair-wise. And then I searched for Marshall stacks! (You need to reread that last line in the voice of a young male rock fan. Add a “dude” or an “awesome” where you see fit.)

Credits to creators
aDiva Couture, Agnetha Jumpsuit White (NEW! ty AnneJoy Paine!)
Exile, Kumiko Darksand Roots
al vulo, miha soleil milk
vive9, Rita Boots in SilverSparkle
poses are by Glitterati and the mike is from Glitterati’s Vocal set, available on Marketplace
The location is Stage One Production Concerts & Shows. Not all those lights and sparkles were in the air that night, so I GIMPed and Pixlred the pics.


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