The one where I try to juggle colour

Lily Gartner, a shape creator and food fiend who blogs at SL Yummies, is one of my blogger idols. She not only wears colourful outfits but sometimes makes non-naturalistically colourful pictures of those outfits. I’m attracted to colour, but I can’t seem to get more than one or two going in a single outfit or image. It’s like juggling, really, and I am never going to get a job in the circus. I visited the Emery 50% off sale yesterday, which continues through Sunday, and spent ages trying to find something equally colourful to wear with the orange and blue top. I couldn’t overcome my inhibitions, so I settled for grey, and then thanked my lucky stars for Inka Danovski’s wonderful South American bag, which is an outright steal at 75L and available in several other patterns at Essences.

Believe it or not, this is me being really wild by wearing red lipstick with an orange shirt and eggplant hair. Eeek! Somebody stop me!

Credits to creators
Emery, Top Color Block Salmon (50% off this weekend)
Emery, Trousers Kenia Gray  (50% off this weekend)
booN, FNQ123 purple (NEW)
Essences, South American Bag No 4 (ty Inka Danovski!)
Bax, Booties Appaloosa (OMG 69L at TDR!)
AMD, Eliza Gothly Just the Lips 3 (ty Apple May!)
AMD, Ultimate Lashes, came with Catalina skin
Dark Mouse, Nouveau Lady Bakelite Bangles Orange
Ruru@Tear, stockings
I’m spacing on the poses. The location is booN/Saikin. And yes, GIMP had his day.


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