Dark looks

“Dear Diary, Ouf! I managed to crawl out of bed long enough to buy myself some coffee…”

“…and everything else I’d need to get back under the sheets and stay there for the week. Rawr, as they say.” Portia’s gingerbread man top and Poinsettia makeup skin are the A Very Rotten Christmas hunt gift at The Plastik. Aikea Reiko is holding a 50% off sale to raise funds to repair her hard drive, so don’t be stingy…buy something when you go to snag the gift. There’s also a 50% off sale at D!va Hair.

“Dear Diary, Ugh! I look like frickin Medea. You’d hardly believe that my RL person is less depressed. She bathed. And she finally wore the pants she bought back in October. Now she has three pairs to choose from, she may get out more. Still no hope of her getting laid, however. *cackles* *sniffs* Do I smell stew?” This stupendous ISON fur vest is still available today as a 75L Project Themeory item. I regret not buying all seven colours for 349L. Does Portia look like a gingerbread man? I’m obsessed with eating them and can’t find any in my ‘hood, so stop showing off your digital gman noms!

It’s a closeup! Fab.Pony creator Tatianna Faulkes has restocked her nail bar with lots of fun looks. This cheetah pattern manicure comes with three different styles to the pack. There’s a tintable glove and nails for hands in size 0, 5, 10, 15, 20.

Credits to creators
Look one
Plastik, Hale Short Gingerbread Top, Aleria Starfish Rotten Christmas skin and Vae Collection Senn eyes (which glow in the dark!) are all part of the AVRC hunt gift
D!va Hair, Yuri3 Onyx (NEW)
booN, Gathered raised hairbase
Plastik, Ambrice Corset Willow
Tea Time, Tube Skirt Stripes Orange GSP
Concrete Flowers, First Night Kit (old Themeory item)
poses are by marukin

Look two
same skin and eyes
Fab.Pony, Manicure Cheetah Gold (NEW; ty Tatianna Faulkes!)
ISON, Belted fur vest brown (Themeory item this weekend)
Priss, Layered Tee in Brown and Gray (NEW; ty Erin Winterwolf!)
Priss, Luv Maxi Skirt in Night (NEW; ty Erin Winterwolf!)
D!va, Naomi Onyx (20000 group member gift, still available)
pose by PDA

location: Warrumbungles I think, in Warrumville
GIMPage: very light


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