Do the Dou

This post was gonna be the one where Portia wears weird hats. Fabulous as they are, those hats faded into the background once I started playing with Lilo Glom’s stunning new Oleg Dou inspired skins. Available at Winter Fair, each skin in this collection comes with a special shape and eyes, as you see here. Think of this as the way your hypotensive av might look after donating blood on an empty stomach. But without the thin veil of sweat. /me looks alarmed and hands Portia a glass of juice and a cookie

Wear this hella veiny skin to turn on your vampire lover (or frighten off any mortal dudes). The jellyfish hat Portia wears here is no longer available at The Gallery Gift Shop, but there’s always great stuffs there, some of them exclusives, and the items are set up for gifting.

Credits to creators
Look one
Jesylilo, OlegDou GoStTon J7 with eyes and shape (NEW at Winter Fair; ty Lilo Glom!)
Epic, Kawaii Knit Elephant Chapka Hat PW Sea Green (current Perfect Wardrobe)
Graffitiwear, part of Urban Style outfit (the sweater is also sold separately in several other colours; ty Chalice Piers!)
BC322, Dee Dolly Pink (old gift)
URCo, Kawaii Hunt Tattoo
Spirit Store, Rose Jeans Black
pose is by The Muse, and is part of Vero Modero and The Muse’s Winter Fair Gift

Look two
Jesylilo, OlegDou GoStTonJ9BT (NEW at Winter Fair; ty Lilo Glom!)
Ribbon, fur from Xmas Present (LB at Cafe&Bar Sofa X’mas Mall2011)
Plastik, Vae Collection Winter 1 eyes [only in pic three] (AVRC hunt gift)
Clawtooth, Pretty Words Blinding
NuDoLu, Chapeau de meduse bonbons for TGGs (not available)
The pose is by Glitterati from Long Hair I pack.

I admit that I GIMPed. Demo skins before buying.


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