Better watch out for the skin deep

I like to wiggle around the grid wearing only a bodysuit.

Especially if it leaves nothing to the imagination. (Believe me, this is not an athletics fantasy.)

I really dig this cactusy heart tattoo—which you can barely see, sorry—from Juicy Box, a line that is only available on the Marketplace. I wanted to run some pics using depth of field, but that means I can only offer you crappy screen shots since dof doesn’t register in the photos SL gives me. SL, like so many people, promises depth that it can’t deliver. (It’s been almost a year since I stopped speaking to him. Anniversary feeling. On top of everything else. Hide me inside your snowball. I feel like a clod of earth.)

Credits to creators
Hucci, V Bodysuit Candy
HoD, Chained Pomegranate
booN, FNQ123 purple (NEW)
al vulo, may ghost of the past porcellain gift (NEW gift at Winter Fair)
Censored, Glam Eyeshadow (from the Winter Fair gift skin and makeup, I think; lemme et back to you on this)
Juicy Box, El Corazon (ty jossy haiku!)
Plastik, VaeColl Winter 1 eyes (part of the AVRC hunt gift)
Oh! Studio, My Wristchain
N-Core, Ultraplatform Noir Intense
poses are by bang!


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