To dance is to live

What could Portia do except dance when I told her that I only paid 100L for tomoto’s glittering new michiyuki? The tomoto shop appears to be gone, but if you visit the site of AGATA’s recent kimono fashion show you will find three new kimonos, a new haori, and another new michiyuki in heavy red satin with frog closures. Get thee hence to mk tokyo 38,215,3011.

The decadent makeup by LpD is available this week only at Fashionably Late for a mere 90L. The set includes tats of the full face as well as no blush, no brows and eye makeup only versions. I often say that a certain item is one of my faves but never explain why. (If I were one of my students I’d be in big trouble.) I love kik’s Ovis Aries hairdo because of the weird shape, which manages to be vintage-looking, avant-garde and geeky all at once. The pack includes amusing variations on the bangs, which cover the eyes in one version, and a version with a plain circlet. There is also a set of spidery under-eye lashes. Check them out in some old Pleisure pics.

She’s the exiled Russian ballet mistress you never studied with in the 1920s. Poor you.

Credits to creators
tomoto, Michiyuki Kusakage (see above for location details)
tomoto, part of amanogawa (no longer available)
Baiastice, Saba Pants Midnight
LpD, Clown Girl makeup no blush no eyebrows only eyeshadow (at Fashionably Late)
amperlope, ka-pow lashes (no longer available)
Dutch Touch, Mensje Spec.Ed.Pale
kik, Ovis aries C coffee
NHA!, Ophelia Earrings
N-Core, Ultraplatform Noir Intense
barbee, Bangasa Rebirth Gift (no longer available)
LISP, Funky Lispette Record Unit
Just a Pose, Harlequin Umbrella pack and !bang, Stands 220-229
Yes, I GIMPed out these pics.


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