I can haz red

Let me be more precise. I can haz red that doesn’t make me look like Santa Claus, who wears a shade of red that even four-year-olds find unsophisticated. Portia’s dark cherry red shoes and bag are Purple Moon’s contribution to CHIC Management’s With Love Again Hunt, which begins today. Both of these items are resizeable, so I blew them up. Each item in the WLA hunt costs 10L, but that’s a small price to pay for a red that makes the LOLcat purr. The hunt ends on January 6. You are looking for a red gift-box with a white ribbon.

Don’t ask me why my avatar is suddenly posing with furniture. I must be ripping off Ananda Shostakovich, one of my favourite bloggers. If so, I am doing it very badly indeed. The couch, of course, is above reproach. And it will look awesome in Portia’s home when her sugar av materializes and sets her up in style. (She will of course ban him. But that’s what modern love is all about: money and restraining orders.)

Credits to creators
Purple Moon, Mara Set in Cherry (With Love Again Hunt item)
CIA, Sofia skin Natural Red Lips [also comes with fuchsia lips] (With Love Again Hunt item)
vive9, Strong Winds Pony Licorics deeproots (NEW; from the VIP member’s colours pack)
Koketka, Lena Dress Bordo (ty Slava Parkin!)
Emery, Oversize Cardigan Carmin TDRB (old TDRB item)
HPMD, rabbit leggings pink (old gift)
glow studio, Glossy Heart Earrings (With Love Again Hunt item)
Adorkable Poses, Chill Dork Pack (With Love Again Hunt item)
artilleri, Glasgow Couch Red
Thanks to the designers and CHIC for the promo copies. I iz bad hunter.
GIMP really went to town on the second photo.


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