Out of the blue

Portia was dressed in tomoto’s With Love dress when I spied this lawn sprinkler. In RL summers, I lie awake nights, unable to stop hearing the distinctive patterned sounds of these weird high-water-pressure, whip-around devices. But in SL, nothing could be more charming, especially in a European setting, so I had to send Portia in for a seasonally incorrect photo.

There are two new LBs at My UglyDorothy, one featuring this makeup with brown lips and one with a dark-red-lipped version. I have to say that the letters were even less lucky than usual, though people whose name begins with K will be thrilled. Say hey to Krazee-eyes Killah if you see him. (People who are easily offended should not follow that link.)

I love the new Firestorm viewer. There are plenty of features that make life easier, especially that little panel which allows me to choose Windlight settings without having to go into those giant menus that cover half the screen and don’t really like it when I touch their sliders. I also appreciate the absolutely clean crash that occurs each time I select the type of shadows I’d like to use. No more of this teasing cooperation followed by stutters and a hang that would make Rip Van Winkle impatient. It’s such a pleasure to not have to reboot my computer after every crash: the developers really know how to pamper their users. I was able to employ the new viewer to shoot the gorgeous mesh hairdo by Wasabi Pills, but only if I didn’t move my av or camera, operations that induce the stutter/crash response. I must say that I feel embarrassed for the poor viewer when it turns everything magenta. It’s like a teenage boy who blushes whenever a girl talks to him.

Credits to creators
My UglyDorothy, Christmas LB skin 01
tomoto, With Love (WLA hunt prize, 10L)
Wasabi Pills, Sachiko in Cinnamon and in Gingerbread (ty Miss Lemon!)
AMD, Big Shades Cream (WLA hunt prize, 10L)
Adorkable Poses, Chill Dork Pack [with mirrors!] (WLA hunt prize, 10L)
The location is Cupcake. GIMPage minimal, except for the last shot, which is Art.


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