Superb trooper

I heard that there may be a remake of Starship Troopers (wisecracks coming in too fast…) Dress Portia up in a free mesh uniform from Node, a Collabor88 skin by Illusory, and brand new blonde hair by Truth, and she looks just like one of the cadets trained to be killed by a giant bug. (I didn’t pay attention to the movie when I saw it on TV a couple years ago. They are called bugs, right? And you do have to fight them to become an enfranchised citizen, right? And the remake will have to have Mexicans and Muslims in the lead roles to make that criticism stick, right? Rodriguez does bugs, right?)

She pledges to get her man, bugs be darned, in bracelets from Sian’s Future Shop. I always thought Truth hair is too much hair. And then I saw Helena and realized that, before now, there had never been enough.

In a world where fashionistas never get to wear their nude kidskin Stiletto Moody Skyhighs, the final battle will be fought in longshot.

Credits to creators
++NODe++Renpou Uniform(pink) (awesome and free [MESH ALERT MESH], also comes in pale blue and beige) UPDATE: Find it at
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Winter Edge (Collabor88)
[Ill] Illusory – Paige Lips – Hot Pink (High Gloss)
>TRUTH< Helena w/Roots – swedish (NEW)
Sian’s Future Shop, sian’s cyberpunk accessory set (includes choker and tattoo; ty Sian!)
Stiletto Moody, Skyhigh Boot (Nude Kidskin)
Belote – Bronce Sheer Legging – Gift 1 (gg in store)
!bang, Stands 230-239
The location is Nexus Prime (no scripts grr). I had to do a lot of GIMPing to cover holes in the mesh because Portia’s waist is not where the dress wants it to be. It’s not just the size of the body that needs to be altered with mesh, but the shape. On the other hand: hooray, a mesh dress that isn’t a tent!


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